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Luanshya markets compliance at 70 p.c.

THE adherence levels of wearing masks in markets in Luanshya stands at almost 70 percent, District Commissioner (DC) Patrick Maipambe has said.
Mr Maipambe stated that the compliance levels had reached 70 percent, but that a few stubborn individuals did not want to comply.
In an interview, the DC said a few individuals were reluctant to change and adhering to the measures, hence Government had ordered all those without masks to stay away from markets.
He said any marketeer or customer that did not have a mask on their face would not be allowed access to the markets.
Mr Maipambe however indicated that the compliance levels in chain stores and buses was 100 percent as anyone without a mask were not being allowed in
The DC also said Luanshya Copper Mine had donated 15 drums with running taps for hand-washing, with Mikomfwa main market, Roan and Mpatamatu markets receiving two drums each.
He also said the Thomson Hospital, Roan general hospital and main police station which had a high traffic of people going in and out of the premises had also received a drum each.
Mr Maipambe said the drums had three taps each to ensure that three people washed their hands at a time to reduce on queues and congestion when washing hands.


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