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Chief ticks of Chavuma UPND MP

CHIEF Chinyama of Zambezi District has warned UPND Chavuma Member of Parliament (MP), Victor Lumayi, to stop politicising installation of chiefs in the district.
The traditional leader of the Luvale speaking people said the MP should immediately stop using his name to gain political mileage in traditional matters in Chavuma.
He said politicians come and go but traditional leaders shall remain.
He was speaking live from his palace in Chinyama Litapi in Zambezi district yesterday during a ZNBC Radio One programme. dubbed ‘TONA TUSEKETE’.
Chief Chinyma advised the MP to start respecting traditional leaders for he was still their subject despite being a representative of the people in Parliament.
He was reacting to statements issued by Mr Lumayi that he would not accept the installation of a chief in Chuvama selected by the Luvale Royal Establishment.
Mr Lumayi had claimed that Chief Chanyama has also given consent to that.
The MP is reported to have his own preferred candidate and title of the chief to be installed in Chavuma.
The Chief, who according to the the Luvale tradition is second most senior from Chief Ndungu, also advised the MP to initiate developmental projects in Chavuma constituency.
He urged the MP to see to it that Chavuma district got an equal share from the national cake and not just fighting traditional authority.
Chief Chinyama has meanwhile pledged to work with the Government and advised the people of Zambezi and Chavuma districts to lobby for development.

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