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ECL’s Lusaka thunderous reception shocks UPND

THE massive show of support and wild spontaneous calls for his return to the presidency that was accorded to former President Edgar Lungu when he took a walk on the streets of Lusaka has shocked the UPND to the core, Jonas Zimba has said.

And Mr Zimba, the renowned Lusaka lawyer has dared the State to proceed and arrest former President Lungu if they feel offended and chocked by the thunderous reception that was given to the former head of State in the Central Business District (CBD) out of which the Zambia Police have threatened to arrest the former head of State.

Mr Zimba has said former President Lungu is a free citizen and does not need the permission of the State police to exercise his freedom of movement by taking a walk in town, jogging or indeed going to church and shall therefore continue exercising his rights CLICK TO READ MORE


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