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Tone down, Mukupa cautions Bishop Mpundu


THE provocative statements which Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has continued to utter against President Edgar Lungu in order to please his paymasters will lead him into serious problems, Patriotic Front National Chairperson Samuel Mukupa has said.

Mr Mukupa said it was high time the Archbishop toned down if he wants things to be well with him because whatever he was doing was annoying followers of President Lungu.

He said in an interview yesterday, many of the people who support the Head of State would not take it lightly with him if such provocative utterances continued.

“The provocative utterances are unacceptable. This is not the first time Archbishop Mpundu is making false statements against President Lungu and the ruling party.

Last time he was on air to say all sorts of things against President Lungu but the current Archbishop Dr. Alick Banda refuted them. He should know that people are not happy and he must reason and tone down,” he said.

Mr Mukupa also said that the retired Archbishop should know that whatever he was doing had led to the division in the Catholic Church.

He said “To say the truth the Catholic Church in Zambia is not the same, we are divided, this is because of what leaders like Archbishop Mpundu are doing.”

He further urged him to come out in the open and  announce that he had done away with the church and he wanted to join the political circles.

He said it was wrong to hide in   the church when he was politically inclined which all Zambians know by now.

Mr Mukupa said Archbishop Mpundu must renounce his clerical position without wasting time in order for the PF to meet him in the political field.

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