Getting through January is hard, it comes after enjoying the festive season and some have spent all or most of their money. Here are tips on how to survive this long month.

1. Cook your meals and reduce on buying takeaways
January is the perfect month to cook and to make cooking exciting try new things with the groceries you have in the house.

Most people buy a lot of unused food and things they do not need during festive season, simply because they got their annual bonus. The first month of the year is always the perfect time to put those things into good use.

2. Take a lunch box to work

When cooking the night before always remember to live some for the next day at work. You will be able to have a good meal and make it through the day without buying anything at the canteen.

3. Do not get trapped in the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Social media tends to put unnecessary pressure on most people and it results in them making wrong decisions.

For those who know they will not be able to handle it when they see their friend’s spending money it is advisable to take a break while waiting for month end.

4. Priorities your money and spend less

Have a list of the important expenses that cannot be avoided, such as your children’s stationery, school uniform, transport fee and petrol. The rest of the things you do not need can wait until you get your salary.

5. Instead of going out stay indoors

Find fun things to do indoors, watch movies or play games in your back yard.

6. Quit expensive habits

Buying things you do not need, decrease smoking, gambling can be very costly and letting food go to waste.


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