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Vaccines safe, assures Prof Mulenga


THERE is no need to be sceptical over the Covid-19 vaccine that will be administered in Zambia because it is safe, Ministry of Health director for infectious diseases Lloyd Mulenga has said.
Professor Mulenga said Zambia was ready to start receiving the Covid-19 vaccines and that the country would start receiving next month. He said the first batch would cater for about 20 percent of the population including health care workers.
Prof Mulenga however said there were still avenues of acquiring more vaccines which would cater for the rest of the population.
He said the Covid-19 vaccines have some side effects, they were safe for use in Zambia.
“Every drug has a side effect, but looking at the evidence which is there, these vaccines are safe for administration in Zambia,” said Prof Mulenga.
Prof Mulenga said the vaccine that was being targeted had a model like that of the polio vaccine and those of other diseases that have existed before in Zambia.
He said the storage temperatures for the vaccines were also manageable.
Prof Mulenga said the vaccines that had complicated conditions for storage would not be bought in large quantities

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