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CITIZENS should question UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema why he has failed to work with seven vice-presidents since he took over the political party, PF vice-chairman for mobilization Geoffrey Mwamba has said.

He said he had worked with Mr Hichilema and he fully understood what kind of a person he was than the UPND members who were blindly chanting slogans.

Mr Mwamba, who served as UPND vice President for administration before he resigned to re-join the PF, was speaking in Kitwe when he addressed about 200 residents who joined the ruling party together with former NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge.

He said the patriotic front was a democratic party where those who join the party were being allowed to contest the intra party elections.

“So let me caution you to desist from getting excited. You should seriously analyze the leadership of Hichilema. Those who think Mr Hichilema is better than President Edgar lungu, they should ask themselves why he has failed to work with seven vice presidents since he took over the political party.

“Does it mean that all the seven vice presidents he has worked with were a problem? He should have a problem himself which makes him fail to work with his vice presidents,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba said the various economic problems the country was going through, were global and no one should mislead Zambians that he would fix the problems in the country.

“Such lies were only aimed at misleading people and should not be entertained by any right thinking Zambian because Zambia is part of the global world and whatever happens globally affects Zambia,” he said


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