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GOVERNMENT should enforce the law regarding passengers masking up, Capital Buses owner Ishmael Kankhara has said.

In an interview Mr Kankhara said although it was mandatory for people to mask up, many passengers had continued ignoring the directive.

He said that as much as bus owners instruct drivers to ensure that people on board mask up, it was also up to the passengers to follow preventive measures.

He said that it was surprising that despite cases of Covid-19 being on the increase, people had continued to ignore preventive measures.

He called on the public to prevent loss of life from Cocid-19 by thinking of others too.

Mr Kankhara urged everyone to stay safe, avoid super spreader events and adhere to the five golden rules.

“This is the only way we can fight the pandemic but people do not want to follow instructions. We campaigned for people to get vaccinated but again some people stayed away so I don’t know what we can do, it is very difficult.

“We have been telling our drivers to ensure that passengers mask up but if they don’t want what we can do,” Mr Kankhara said.

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