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SELECTIVE prosecution and the failure to investigate straight forward cases by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Commission should trigger a quick overhaul of the institutions, Bishop John Mambo has said.

Bishop Mambo, the former Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) chairperson said ACC was only jumping on matters that had already been unearthed by the public.

He said in an interview that investigative wings should be in the forefront unearthing scams and ensuring that perpetrators were brought to book.

Bishop Mambo said it was a sham that ACC and DEC wait for public outcry before launching investigations into a particular matter.

He also said selective prosecution was the order of the day by investigative wings while giving a blind eye to scandals which were visible in daylight.

Bishop Mambo said there was need to reform investigative institutions because they were endangering the lives of citizens by allowing illegalities that result in poor service delivery.

“If ACC allows the Teaching Service Commission to corruptly recruit unqualified teachers, we end up having pupils who are not well taught. Same for poor health delivery, substandard works and supply of substandard products,” he said.

Bishop Mambo said ACC and DEC should be on top of things and ensure that scams were stopped from the root.

He said there was need to clean the institutions so that only officials who were committed to do their jobs were left in service.

Bishop Mambo said there was need for a complete overhaul of ACC and DEC.


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