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Kambwili, HH running mate?


The meeting between Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili scuttled last week by deep distrust will reconvene today.

UPND spokesperson, Charles Kakoma however said he was not aware about the meeting.

There is expectation that the meeting will formalize an alliance and electoral pact between the two parties following intensive consultation over the expressed differences which may result in Mr Kambwili being Mr Hichilema’s running mate.

Sources close to the talks revealed that contentious issues that created a rift had now been resolved and that the outcome and proposed agreement would be subject of discussion at then UPND general meeting scheduled for Saturday February 14.

 It is also expected former Catholic Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu and Bishop Mambo will attend the meeting tomorrow to give confidence and serve as witnesses to substantive issues that have proved divisive before.

Concerns have however been raised within the UPND that the raft of corruption, abuse of office and forgery charges to which  Mr. Kambwili  has been subjected may  yet  prove deleterious to the pact.

Mr Hichilema was however being persuaded by some senior member of the party to agree to proposals advanced by Mr Kambwili  as a holding measure in the run up to elections.

Among the conditions reportedly demanded by Mr Kambwili, was a rebranding of the alliance to UPNDC to reflect the equal weight and status of the partners to remove an impression of inferiority for his party.

There are speculation that Mr. Kambwili may be offered the running mate position.

Last week Mr. Kambwili confirmed that his party was in talks for a pact with the UPND but refused to disclose details of the substantive issues on which the parties could not agree.


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