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AS the country heads towards the August 12 general elections, it is important for politicians to work out ways on how the country can boost mining, mines expert Edward Simukonda has advised.

Mr Simukonda said politicians must seriously discuss bringing back professionals who understand the mining industry.

He said that Zambia had not produced enough to show significance in the industry and ended up doing things wrongly.

Me Simukonda was speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday.

“The country has not failed to tap into the rising commodity prices but we have always been doing the wrong things as a country. “Mining is not a cheap business and it is for this reason that we expect to see a lot of hard work and political will on this particular matter from the politicians,” he said.

Mr Simukonda added that this could be achieved by involving and getting ideas from the mine experts that once served in the previous governments because they have a lot of experience and may be of help.

He observed that the country has enough people that would help revive the industry but that they were not being approached to render assistance.

He said most of the people once approached were willing to share ideas with the leaders in the industry to make progress.

Mr Simukonda said this would also help industry players to prepare adequately to respond to new policy frameworks that would not only benefit investors but also ordinary citizens.

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