Peter Chanda-M’membe has no moral right to comment on national issues


FRED M’membe has no moral right to comment on matters of national concerns because he has a baggage of atrocities he needs to explain to the nation, New Congress Party president Peter Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda said the Socialist Party leader still has to explain his role in the K15 million Zambian Airways loan debacle and his tax evasion case before commenting on national matters.

He said it was hypocritical for Mr M’membe to behave like a saint when he was carrying a baggage of dirty linen on his back.

Mr Chanda was reacting to Mr M’membe’s sentiments that Zambians should forgive Catholic priest Father Lastone Lupupa over remarks he made during a homily two weeks ago. Mr. Chanda said that Mr M’membe was trying to show the people he can save the nation when he was on record as the person who failed to pay tax despite making a lot of money. He said there was nothing in what Father Lupupa said and never mentioned names in his sentiment. Mr. Chanda noted that Father Lupupa was only giving guidance how God prepares leaders.

He stated that the statement by the Catholic priest was a prophetic message from God. “When a man of God is preaching he gets instructions from God, so there was no need for him to apologise.

“Mr. M’membe should not gain political mileage by entangling the issue of Father Lupupa. He is trying to show that he can save Zambia when he is on record for failing to pay tax which resulted in the closing of the Post Newspaper,” he said.

He observed that the only mistake that Father Lupupa made was to use the word rigging otherwise he was not out of context and that people should not misunderstand him.


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