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Sibuyunji patrols intensified – Kampyongo


POLICE have intensified patrols and intelligence gathering in Shibuyunji following an operation carried out there and to ensure people do not take advantage of the situation, Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo has told parliament.

Mr Kampyongo said that some people might want to take advantage of the operation which was conducted hence police have intensified patrols and gathering intelligence.

He said while the operation was being conducted in Shibuyunji, two other similar operations were conducted in Chisamba and Chibombo and were not targeted at a particular individual.

Mr Kampyongo told the House that before the search was conducted, the affected residents were made aware and signed the warrant and that after the search the residents were again briefed.

He stated that the police were within the law when they conducted the operations in the three districts.

Mr Kampyongo said the investigation is still ongoing hence it would be premature to disclose what the police were looking for and what they found.

He wondered why despite all the three districts where the operations were conducted, only the operation in Shibuyunji had attracted public interest.

Mr Kampyongo told parliament Police do not target individuals or their relatives, but that individuals should account for their actions, adding that no one is above the law.

The minister was responding to a question from Mwembeshi member of Parliament Machila Jamba who wanted to know why police  searched and raided Mr Hichilema’s relatives house and whether they found what they were looking for and whether they knew that the operation traumatised the residents.

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