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… as youths accuse minister of back stabbing HH by deliberately making wrong decisions to make the President and the ruling party unpopular


SOME ministers in government are working against President Hakainde Hichilema by deliberately making decisions contrary to the promises we gave the people of Zambia and as such should be sacked, Siavonga Constituency UPND youth chairperson Shy Hanongo has said.

Mr Hanongo, who was with the constituency information and publicity chairperson, Mr Raymond Munkombwe, said President Hichilema should open his eyes and begin to act on those who don’t mean well in his government and daily back stabbing him.

He said a number of bad decisions have been made because ministers are not being honest in advising the President on what is best for the country.

Mr Hanongo said a classic example is a recent incident where the President was kept in the dark and continued to campaign in Kabushi when the High Court had already halted the by-election.

He said as the President returns from attending the UN General Assembly in New York, the first thing he should do is make serious changes to his cabinet and at permanent secretary level.

Mr Hanongo observed that while President Hichilema is working hard to improve the economy and the living standards of the people his minister are only preoccupied with enriching their pockets through secret deals.

He warned that youths in Siavonga will not fold their hands and watch the President’s good intentions being sabotaged by people who don’t mean well.

“As youths, we will defend the President and ensure that the bad eggs are booted out of cabinet and other senior positions,” he said.

And Mr Munkombwe charged that ministers have diverted from the original UPND manifesto and are now doing contrary things that are upsetting Zambians including its members.

Mr Munkombwe also reminded ministers and others appointed to senior government positions who are in the habit of not answering phone calls from party members that they are in those positions courtesy of the goodwill of Zambians.

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