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I couldn’t stand seeing Nakacinda insulting the President, witness testifies


A CHILANGA-BASED businessman has told the Lusaka Magistrate Court that as a law abiding citizen, he could not stand seeing Raphael Nakacinda, a member of the Patriotic Front central committee defaming President Hakainde Hichilema after watching a video clip.

Mr Erick Mwambembe, 33, in cross examination said he took it upon himself to report the matter to the police because Nakacinda was disrespecting the head of state.

When asked by one of the defence lawyers, Mr Jonas Zimba, if he knew of any law in the constitution which talks about disrespectful as an offence, Mr Mwambembe said needed to check in the constitution but he knows it’s there. He said he was very affected by the words Nakacinda said.

Mr Mwambembe was testifying in a case in which Nakacinda pleaded not guilty to one count of defamation of the president contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Mr Zimba asked the witness if he knew that the President has powers to summon any judges or any senior member of the government, he said he was aware.

“Do you know that the offence of defamation is a personal injury, and one has to report on his on if felt injured?” Mr Zimba asked.

Mr Mwambembe maintained that he felt injured as the President was being disrespected.

He said he watched a video clip of MUVI TV page of Nakacinda alleging that President Hichilema was summoning judges at his house so as to form a one-party state.

He said Nakacinda continued in the clip that “as he was zooming over the weekend, Mr Hichilema is not sleeping, he has began to summon judges at his house to try and intimidate them or coerce them to advance an agenda to create a one-party state.”

It is alleged that on December 13, 2021, Nakacinda while at the High Court grounds said that President Hichilema was meeting judges at his home to intimidate them into forming a one-party state

Magistrate Wishimanga adjourned the case to November 7 and 9 for continued trial.


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