‘Stop Nevers Mumba’s iilegal convention’


THE Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) convention slated for March 20th this year cannot proceed because there has never been any elections in the lower organs of the party to form the Electoral College, a group calling itself Operation Save MMD has demanded.

And the group has called on the Registrar of Societies to take keen interest and stop MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba from going ahead with his purported convention next month in total abrogation of the party constitution.

Addressing the press in Lusaka yesterday, Operation Save MMD Lusaka district chairperson Albert Phiri said the founding members of the former ruling party, are opposed to the planned convention as procedure was not followed. 

Mr Phiri said there have never been any elections in the lower organs of the party since Dr Mumba was brought in as president in 2012.

He said proceeding with the convention will contravene article 23 subsection (1) (2) a) b) c) and (d) which demands that intraparty elections in all organs of the party from branches, wards, constituencies, districts and provinces elect legitimate party leader

“As true MMD members, we would like to challenge Pastor Mumba to tell the nation where he is going to get the legitimate delegates to the convention since there have never been any lower organ elections in the party from the time he was brought in,” said Mr Phiri.  

Mr Phiri said it is therefore imperative that the Registrar of Societies takes keen interest in what is happening within political parties particularly the MMD and stop the anarchy by parties abrogating their constitutions with impunity.     

And Mr Phiri claimed that the founding members of the MMD are displeased over the dictatorial tendency exhibited by Dr Mumba on his illegal suspensions and expulsions of some members who he perceived to be political opponents.

He said the final authority to expel any member of the party is vested in the national convention as per article 12 (2) and article 13 (b) (g).

Meanwhile, Mr Phiri said the Zambia Police must also take interest because the purported convention slated for March 20 could put the security of the nation at risk.

But MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba has insisted that the convention will go on as planned because no normal member of the party would resist it.

Dr Mumba in an interview with the Daily Nation also disowned the group objected to the holding on the convention next month, describing  them as individuals picked from the street with no bearing on the party. 

Dr Mumba said such individuals are only masquerading as party officials organized by known people because records are there to show they are nowhere near the party structures.

“I think everybody should be happy that we are going to the convention and if you have any sinister ideas, the convention is there for all to come and all positions are open for contestation. There is no normal member of our party who would resist the convention” Dr Mumba said.

And Dr Mumba said he is not threatened by those against the convention  because they are not party members.


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