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Step aside, TSC chief told


THE Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) has insisted that Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairperson Stanley Mhango should resign or be placed on leave to paveway for investigations amidst corruption allegations, PROTUZ Secretary-General Kangwa Musenge has said.

Mr Musenge said Mr Mhango’s continued stay in office will jeopardise the investigation as he could interfere and intimidate witnesses willing to give information to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

“When we appeared before the Parliamentary Committee, we were seriously intimidated and harrassed together with the BETUZ general secretary,” Mr Musenge said.

He said there was overwhelming evidence that Mr Mhango will intimidate witness.

“When we submitted before the parliamentary committee that there was corruption at the Teaching Service Commission, we received threats from the chairperson and our fear now is that those willing to volunteer information on the alleged corruption at TSC will be intimidated,” Mr Musenge said.

Mr Musenge said there were many teachers including those twho paid to get promoted who were willing to give evidence to ACC but would not be free to do so for fear of being harassed.

“We are happy that ACC is investigating this matter but we are concerned with issues of intimidation therefore we are calling upon the TSC chairperson to resign or better still go on leave to pave way for investigations,” Mr Musenge said.

He said Mr Mhango should voluntarily go on leave if his hands are clean.

The ACC confirmed it has instituted investigations into allegations of corruption in recruitments, promotion and transfer of teachers against the TSC.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono said they have received complaints against the TSC and has since instituted investigations into the matter.

A union official recently told the Parliamentary Committee on Cabinet affairs that some officials at TSC have been asking teachers to pay for recruitment, promotion and transfers.

Mr Musenge alleged that teachers were asked to pay between K20, 000 and K30, 000 before they are promoted to positions of DEBS and PEO.


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