Corruption in PF shocks APNAC

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:46:48 +0000

THERE is too much corruption in the Patriotic Front (PF) government compared to the former government under president Rupiah Banda, African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia Chapter has charged.
Chapter Chairperson Cornelious Mweetwa told the Daily Nation that the corruption in service delivery, tendering, and awarding of bids under the PF administration were sickenning as it was out of hands.
Mr. Mweetwa said although there were some elements of corruption in the MMD government the vice was worse under PF regime.
He said it was saddening to see the way corruption was unfolding in the PF government, adding that the people of Zambia should be prepared for shocks over the high levels of the vice under the current leadership.
Mr. Mweetwa said Zambia would lose out huge amounts of money if government did not pay much attention to the fight against corruption especially in the service delivery, tender and awarding of various contracts.
“The corruption in this government is rife and no one can deny that. We have seen it ourselves no wonder we have experiences where private owned companies taking government to court for corruption in the manner they manage and award tenders. We are saddened about these developments, they no longer instill confidence in the governance system,” he said.
Mr. Mweetwa said that it was embarrasing that government had been dragged to court over corruption allegations in the manner they handled the 2012/2013 delivery and supply of farming implements for small-scale farmers.
He said the corruption in the PF was seen in the manner the Ministry of Energy and Water Development handled the oil procurement tenders which corruption and corrupt elements had been reported.
“As APNAC we wrote to the Ministry of Energy to explain the allegations of corruption in the procurement, tendering and awarding of the contract to supply oil to Zambia. But as usual in the arrogant manner, they have not responded. We have also received correspondencies threatening to drag government to court if they went aheard to give the contract to Trafigura and Gunvor probabaly this explains why this government has failed upto now to announce who the supplier of fuel is,” he said.
Mr. Mweetwa said the PF should address the levels of corruption in order to bring some sanity to the governance system of the nation.
The Lusaka High Court stayed the governments’ decision to award and sign a contract with Nyiombo Investiment and Omnia Small Scale Limited to supply and deliver 153, 634 metric tonnes of fertiliser for the 2012-2013 farming season.
According to an affidavit in support of the ex-parte summons for to apply for judicial review filed in court on Wednesday, the compnay through its lawyers stated said that the evaluation process was marred with blatant corruption by government officials of the committee charged with the evaluation of the bids.

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