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CHISHIMBA Kambwili has been challenged to produce the NDC constitution that enthroned him as president of the party that he has been claiming exists.

NDC splinter faction member, Edward Mumbi who was Mr Kambwili’s spokesperson said his former boss was a “pathological liar.”

Mr Mumbi said contrary to Mr Kambwili’s claims, NDC had no constitution or documents that enthroned him as President of the party.

He challenged Mr Kambwili to show the nation the NDC constitution he had been claiming exists.

Mr Mumbi said in an interview that if the NDC constitution was there, it would not be a cumbersome process for Mr Kambwili to produce it.

“Mr Kambwili has continued claiming that the NDC constitution is there, we challenge him to produce it. That man is a pathological liar and has been feeding the nation with falsehoods, that’s why all this time he has just been saying that the constitution is there but cannot produce it,” he said.

Mr Mumbi said Mr Kambwili was attempting to sneak in a fake constitution at the Registrar’s office because he was aware that no NDC constitution existed.

He questioned why Mr Kambwili and the party spokesperson, Ms Saboi Imboela had given contradicting statements over the intercepted emissaries sent to the Registrar by Mr Kambwili to change records.

“Ms Imboela said those people were at the Registrar’s office to remove officials who were no longer with the party from the documents but Kambwili is saying they just went to collect some documents. That’s a sign that it’s all lies,” said Mr Mumbi.

Attempts by Mr Kambwili to secretly change details of the records of original individuals who registered the National Democratic Congress party at the registrar’s offices were thwarted on Monday.

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