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Directed to Ms Kasune


You have found yourself in a den of vicious lions where decency is far-fetched. In this den, with your modern approach to politics, you will find it very hard to operate freely. Eventually, you will get frustrated and become of no use to those who voted for you. The problem with your party is that they keep using the same tactics year in and out, hence keep losing every election. Tell them banning MPs and Councillors from attending State functions is one of those tactics that are outdated.

Micky, Lusaka


Satanism in Zambia


In the Bible, Psalms 11, it is written that the Lord tests the righteous but the wicked and the one who loves violence, his soul hates. Zambians understand that opposition parties who love violence are Satanists because they love something that God hates.

Concerned citizen


GBV out


A person who gets angry and turns violent (physically fighting), killing and doing all sorts of harm to others is evil because the night when the Lord Jesus was being arrested he told Peter to put back his sword.  This is because physical fights are uncalled for and evil.

Concerned citizen


 Sanitary towels will ease rural school girls’ life


Adolescence is said to be the most crucial stage of life and that is a challenge for girls because of its physical and psychosocial changes. One of the changes in girls is menstruation. Menstruation is not only a healthy concern but an educational policy concern and has become a key to developing a country’s bid to achieve SDG’s. For most Zambian girls, this phase often brings challenges that push them out of school activities. Mostly, girls drop out of school because of lack of sanitary protection and social related taboos.




The ban of UPND members from attending State functions


The ban of UPND Members of Parliament and councilors from attending State functions by its leadership is useless and childish. For the UPND to dream that one day before 2021 they can form government is a lie! The PF government was given a mandate for five years under the leadership of President Lungu, hence I am appealing to all UPND councilors and MPs to have an interest of people and not listen to their selfish leaders.

Mugala, Mumbwa (Losing PF councilor)




Where was SACCORD?


Where was SACCORD when judges were called thugs, criminals and other names by an opposition leader recently? It is hypocrisy for them to choose to criticise PF now.

Mwamba, Lusaka




LAZ and their president


LAZ has disappointed us! The way it has shown its political inclination is disturbing. It is an important organisation but has lost its credibility. Ms. Kasonde, kindly check your conduct and do not behave as if you are coming from those sponsored NGOs that are so vocal to avoid bringing the name of LAZ into disrepute. Lawyers, where are you? I can’t wait to see the formation of a new organisation to represent aspirations of other. Save us from this shame we are witnessing.

Banda, Ndola



UPND’s insensitive decisions


The banning of Members of Parliament from State functions and programmes is an indirect responsibility to the UPND electorate who like any other electorate need development. How will they lobby Government for development projects if they are not available?

Chewe, Kapiri

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