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Tue, 25 Oct 2016 14:13:37 +0000

Kafue in land feuds


Someone should come to Kafue to stop the madness and carelessness at the council and some political party officials. We thought sanity and orderliness will prevail in the distribution and allocation of land after the then minister of local government, Stephen Kampyongo visited Kafue and revoked the land agency rights for Kafue district council. It appears plunder and abuse of land is still going on unhindered as a result it is the government and ruling party reputation that is being soiled and perforated.

Dominic, Kafue


Zambia held free and fair elections


God bless Zambia for free and fair 2016 elections. This is quite unique; other countries have failed to maintain theirs.

REV. CHILONGO U.C.Z Copperbelt.


Tribalism and its off-shoots


If there’s anything God hates, tribalism is one of them, it hinders development and progress.

 Concerned man of God


G3 security guards cry for salaries


It is painful to note that G3 Security Ltd is failing to pay its workers their peanut salaries. They are being chased by their landlords for failing to paying rentals. Where are the unions? Are they not supposed to stand for workers instead of only deducting contributions?

 Lusaka landlord


Pardon more inmates to decongest prisons


The pardoning of less than 400 inmates by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu on the 52nd independence was not a good number to help decongest Zambian prisons. How I wish the dead could speak for the inmates who are suffering especially at Lusaka Central Prison. We have had former presidents but this year’s pardon number is very low especially that our president visited the facility recently and saw how the inmates are suffering. Former home affairs minister the late Luckson Mapushi stood for inmates, the appointment of Hon Minister Stephen kampyongo has also contributed to the lowest number of pardoned inmates. KJ Lusaka.


Effect night travel ban on public transport


I would like to express my views on the accidents that have continued to occur in Zambia even though certain measures have been put in place. I feel there is something wrong. Last month, I heard the Road Transport and Safety Agency saying it will stop all public transport vehicles from moving in the night but it is shocking to see buses containing travelling during the night.

Nawa, Kafue. 


PF govt a let down


It’s a shame for the PF government to have hiked the fuel price, the impact will only land on innocent Zambians. Life in Zambia has become hard because the price of commodities are just too high. Zambians are slowly losing hope and trust in the PF government’. This simply shows that the PF has failed to deliver to the people of Zambia.

Comrade Jimmy Rainbow Party Youth Chairperson, Matero.


Andrew Kamanga not adding value to Zambian football


Kamanga must step down if he thinks he has no ideas to improve soccer standards! Just a short time in office and there are already a lot of scandals. It is high time that Kamanga must be serious so that our tax payer’s money does not go to waste. He is doing totally nothing. It is better that Kamanga leaves space for others.  Jimmy, Matero


Let us promote peace, love and unity


It is an undeniable fact that if we have no unity and love in this country, we cannot achieve anything. Our forefathers fought tirelessly, risked their lives to ensure Zambia attained independence. Remember that we only have one Zambia, let us embrace that which unites us and run away from that which disunites us.  Hate speeches shouldn’t be tolerated at all levels. Let us strive to leave Zambia better than we found it. Let us rise above tribal and partisan interests as we celebrate our Independence. Chitamuka Joel, Samfya


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