Zambia remembers World War victims

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 10:10:27 +0000

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu yesterday led hundreds of Zambians in remembrance of the gallant uniformed men who perished during the First and Second World Wars. The Head of State laid wreaths at the National Cenotaph along Independence Avenue in honour of the Zambians who perished and those who participated in those conflicts. he colourful event was characterised by gun salutes and hymns by the Zambia Army 2nd Battalion Brass Band in honour of the fallen heroes.

And Zambia Air Force Director of Chaplaincy Col. Eugene Nyambe told the gathering that remembrance was about keeping the past alive, learning from the past but with a greater resolve that those atrocities must never be repeated in the present generation or the next, never again to let the world sink into the negativity of bloodbath.

“Our historical past in the two world wars is tinted and marred with unprecedented atrocities and bloodbath never seen before in human history. “The in-depth lesson from that awful past is a greater resolve as in the words of Rev David Howells, ‘to fight war itself, on battle, and not wars after wars,” he said. He praised those in uniform for laying down their lives in greater belief that their bloodshed would be an oasis for a better, peaceful world, a world to be cherished in this generation and posterity. Col. Nyambe said it was a world of co-existence in diversity irrespective of socio-religious, political, culture, ethnic dispensation or any other divides.

“Inaugurating a better and peaceful world becomes more urgent and exigent as modernity witnesses bloody skirmishes and militant campaigns in the Middle East that have not only paralyzed physical infrastructure, but also humanity, and resulting into untold misery to many, especially women and children. “The collateral damage has the potentiality to spill over to other parts of the globe with renewed vigour. Love or agape deeply engraved in altruism must end that misery,” he explained. Before his departure, the Head of State walked to where the councillors stood and addressed them for a short while.

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