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ZESCO Limited says it is currently not employing non-essential workers but only critical staff as a measure to cut down on costs.

Senior manager corporate affairs, John Kunda, stated that Zesco Limited does not employ staff that was not needed because its workforce was within the parameters set by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) as the regulator.

Dr Kunda said in an interview that employment of critical staff was defined by its work demand therefore essential workers would be recruited.

“We don’t employ non-essential workers, staff that we can do without. However all decisions to recruit staff are based on a robust framework, this process is based on what the company needs to deliver its services in an efficient manner,” he said.

Dr Kunda explained that the ERB recommended target ratio for key performance indicators is 1: 120 customers but Zesco’s ratio currently stands at 1:153 exceeding the regulators recommended ratio.

“Our labour force is anchored on specific benchmarks such as productivity ratios as guided by the regulator, the ERB.  On this score, Zesco Limited has competitively operated within the ratios and in most cases outperformed the benchmarks,” he said.

Dr. Kunda stated that recruitment of critical staff was an integral part of the business which was done within the set benchmarks of the needs of Zesco Limited so that electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed to customers in an efficient manner.


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