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Gwembe Valley needs

resilient agriculture – Chief


CHIEF Sinazongwe has called for quick implementation of climate resilient agriculture project in the Gwembe valley aimed at lessening the poverty levels among the people who were displaced to pave way for the construction of the Kariba Dam. 

About 57, 000 people were displaced in 1956 to pave way for the construction of the Kariba Dam hydroelectricity scheme that currently provides about 38 percent hydro power to Zambia and over 42 percent to Zimbabwe.   

The traditional leader was commenting on the Chiyansi Water Development Project in the Kafue being undertaken by Government and its partners which will see the irrigation of 1,000 hectares of land and benefit about 1, 800 households,

Chief Sinazongwe said Government should also replicate the project in the Gwembe valley which heavily affected by the negative impact of climate change.

He said Government should strengthen efforts to help sustain the livelihoods of people in Gwembe by building resilience and adaption to climate change.

“My appeal to government is that we should also be considered for the project of that magnitude so that we can start producing our own food than always depending on handouts from Government,” he said.

He said climate change had continued to affect the people of the valley, especially food security wise as the area does not receive enough rains for farming.

Chief Sinazongwe said despite the challenge, the valley has potential to produce food for local consumption and contribution to the national food security.

He however indicated that there was need for a reliable irrigation system like the one Government has gifted the people of the Kafue flats.

Meanwhile, Chief Sinazongwe has called on Government to complete construction of the bottom road in order to open up the valley area to development.

He said once the bottom road was completed, the area was likely to benefit from the booming tourism sector and also open up the area to agriculture development.

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