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Dear Editor,

ON Tuesday, May 25, we observed African Freedom Day, where we celebrated the true real meanings of its reality.

What we basically need now going forward is to economically emancipate ourselves from political capital that is being championed on total self-centredness to a life of embracing diversity synergies in the African governance systems so that we actually develop ourselves into very useful African connect-fit society.

African Freedom Day signifies a unity of purpose, and brings to the table a unison call to charter on the spirit of togetherness and inclusitivity for the benefit of all.

As today’s generation, we really need to think with progressive, and we should entertain thoughts of development, which should equally be centred on building a strong, resilient and united African economy.

We also need to build a strong memorabilia of outstanding history for the future generation so that posterity does not judge us harshly.


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