Painting PF black over corruption not in national interest

By Nation Reporter

NO matter how much the UPND are going to paint PF black, corruption will still be there for as long as the systems are the same, Citizens Democratic Party president, Robert Mwanza has said.

Mr. Mwanza said the UPND administration needed to fight the current corruption that was in government instead of pretending that it was not there, if they are to be perceived to be fighting graft.

He said in an interview that the UPND leadership was wasting time pursuing and painting the PF black by insisting to call them corrupt because that would not change the country’s economic status.

“What UPND needs to do is fight the current corruption that is in government, they cannot pretend that there is no corruption going on in government, there is corruption going on in government,” he said.

Mr. Mwanza said the ruling party needed to fight what is obtaining in government now and ensure that they fill the porous systems.

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He said the insistence to call the PF corrupt was not helping the situation and in many cases where the former ruling party has been cited as corrupt, the opposite has happened.

Mr. Mwanza said the best example was the current issue with the 30 vehicles at Workers Compensation Fund Control Board in which the PF were accused of having used 9 vehicles for campaigns but they have in the end been exonerated.

“It has been proven at the end of the day that especially the 9 vehicles that they thought was being used by the PF for campaigns, they were actually being used on the inauguration day,” he said.

He said that the UPND administration fight against corruption was completely misplaced and if anything there was no fight because all they were doing was witch-hunting which is not going to help the country.

Mr. Mwanza urged the UPND to get their acts right and fight the current corruption that was going on in government and not the previous happenings which are in the past.

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