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Information from the Human Rights Commission (HRC) that preliminary investigations reveal the Hatembos had not been abducted but were seeking protection from a third party was not my stance but the commission’s,  HRC spokesperson, Mwelwa Muleya has said.

Mr. Muleya said the challenge by the police that he should submit information pertaining to the whereabouts of the Hatembo’s based on the statement issued was misplaced because he was not speaking in his own capacity but as the commission’s spokesperson.

Mr. Muleya in his capacity as HRC spokesperson claimed that preliminary findings of the HRC on the Hatembo family case indicated that Pheluna and Milton were not under any form of abduction.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that the he issued the statement on behalf of HRC as a spokesperson therefore the police should challenge the commission as an organisation to submit the information and not him.

“The police couldn’t possibly challenge me as a person because I am not the commission so they will get the information from the commission and not from me,” he said.

However, the HRC top management disassociated itself from Mr Muleya’s statement.

HRC chairperson, Mudford Mwandenga earlier said he was not briefed on the sentiments by Mr Muleya that preliminary findings indicated that Pheluna and Milton were not under any form of abduction because he was not consulted.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwandenga said in an interview yesterday that he was not briefed on the findings made by the commission at the time the spokesperson issued the statement on the matter. He said Mr. Muleya has not been in the office from the time he issued the statement.

“I was just not briefed on the findings because Mr. Muleya has not been in the office since he issued the statement,” he said.

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