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THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Western Province has projected to scoop a good number of parliamentary seats and council chairmanship in the province.

Western Province Member of the Central Committee, Glen Kalimbwe, observed that the ground in province was favouring the ruling party.

Mr Kalimbwe said western province was no longer a UPND stronghold as it was being perceived

He told the Daily Nation in Sesheke that the political landscape had changed in western province in favour of the ruling party. Mr Kalimbwe was speaking ahead of filing in of nominations of the party’s parliamentary candidate Shaft Mukubesa.

“Since 2016, we haven’t gone to sleep, we went flat out telling the people we are the only party with clear manifesto and a clear roa map for this country. The people of western province are yearning for development and they want a lot of social amenities come closer to them. “The only people that have a clear vision and understanding of what needs to be done are us, the Patriotic Front,” he said.

Asked on the party’s chances of scooping some seats in the province, Mr Kalimbwe said: “we have done a lot of work and the response we are getting from the people is overwhelming.”

“In Sesheke here, I am sure you have seen what is happening, this is not how Sesheke was….things have changed and it is the same everywhere,” he said.

Mr Kalimbwe who visited Sesheke Central and Mwandi Constituency where Iris Kaingu is the adopted candidate, said this time around, the PF adopted candidates on merit.

“We adopted people on merit and all types of people even the differently abled and that shows that, it is only in the Patriotic Front where you can find that. We are the only democratic party and all our candidates were adopted on merit and we believe all of them will deliver.

“Let us remain united, focuses because together we will and our main message is enshrined in the manifesto,” he said.

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