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HEALTH authorities in Western Province have encouraged community members to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as the jab is safe and tested.

Western Province acting Health Director, Jacob Sakala, explained that the Covid-19 vaccine was safe and would not pose any medical harm to humans contrary speculations making rounds in the communities.

Sesheke and Mwandi are some of communities where residents were shunning the Covid-19 jab due to misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Therefore, Dr Sakala encouraged journalists to help Government in disseminating correct information about the vaccine.

Dr Sakala pointed out that as front-liners, such as journalists must take up the bold step to get vaccinated and encourage the communities on the importance of the Covid-19 jab.

He alluded that every given vaccine has side effects, which do not alter or change the physical mechanism of a body.

Dr Sakala was addressing journalists drawn from various media houses across the province who underwent a three-day training aimed at sensitising journalists on the importance of covid-19 vaccination held at Liseli Lodge in Mongu.

And Senior Health Education Officer, Inambao Akatama, said the general objective of the training was to educate the media on the importance of Covid-19 vaccination so that the masses could in turn educated.

He implored on the media to communicate effectively on the vaccine and safety so that the communities have informed decisions over the Covid-19 vaccine.

The same training was also rolled out to the traditional leadership and health providers to increase the scope of understanding on the vaccine at the grassroot level.

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