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ALL bars, taverns, night clubs and casinos should be closed and only operate on a takeaway basis for next 14 days subject to review, Government has directed.

The state has also said gyms would remain closed except outdoor activities with strict adherence to set Covid-19 guidelines.

Ministry of Local Government, Mathew Ngulube said the decisions were as a result of stipulated guidelines being abrogated with impunity by bar owners and the public.

Mr Ngulube said individuals were abrogating the set Covid-19 preventive measures with impunity while proprietors of some bars, taverns, night clubs and casinos continued to operate outside the stipulated hours, from 18:00 to 22:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

He said in a statement that in Lusaka, 28 premises were inspected by the local authority and that only one was compliant.

Mr Ngulube said in Samfya, Luano, Livingstone, Kapiri Mposhi none of the premises inspected by respective councils were compliant while in Kafue only three out of 12 premises inspected were compliant.

“The proprietors of these businesses should ensure adherence. This does not mean that people should buy their drinks and then park in the car parks and start drinking from their cars or around the premises,” he said.

Mr Ngulube warned that licences for any businesses that would allow individuals to drink from car parks would be revoked. He also directed markets and bus stations not to allow people without masks and to ensure that sanitary facilities were in place.

Mr Ngulube also warned that markets and bus stations would be closed if the directives were not followed.

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