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By AARON CHIYANZO in Kawambwa                                          

GOVERNMENT stance to curtail political crowds in the wake of the increasing Covid-19 cases is not targeted at the opposition but meant to avert a catastrophic situation, President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu has since called on traditional leaders to help make people understand that Covid-19 was real and ravaging some Asian countries.

He said Government could not allow Covid-19 to ravage Zambia out of carelessness just because it was a political season.

President Lungu said this when he paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Mushota, Chief Chama and Chief Munkanta in Kawambwa yesterday.

He said the Patriotic Front had nothing to fear for them to resort to trickery to stop others campaigning.

President Lungu said people could campaign without drawn huge crowds as was being witnessed.

He said the country risked being hit hard by Covid-19 if the political crowds were tolerated and the government would again be blamed for not taking action.

“Help us tell people that Covid-19 is there and is killing people in huge numbers in other countries. Look at what is happening in India. But when we tell people to avoid crowds, they think it’s just a trick to stop them from campaigning,” he said.

And President Lungu called on political leaders to stop their youths from engaging in political violence.

He said there was no gain in violence and that electorates should be allowed to vote for their preferred candidates freely.

Meanwhile, the traditional leaders assured President Lungu of their continued support.


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