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Jerabos sidelined in black mountain activities

WE are shocked that the government didn’t engage us when coming up with youths and women cooperatives to work at the Nkana slug dump, Jerabos on the Copperbelt have complained.

The government has handed over part of the Nkana slug dump in Kitwe to youth and women cooperatives as an empowerment venture.

But the small-scale miners who sought anonymity for fear of victimisation said there has been no engagement from the ministry with the youth who had been operating at the slug dump before the ban.

They said it was shocking that the small-scale miners who were the main workers at the site do not even know which  groups of youths and women will be operating at the slug dump are because as the first group they were supposed to be given priority.

“We are not even sure who they have given the slug dump to. There is just a declaration, we don’t know who that particular group is because the small-scale miners who are main workers at the site don’t know who this group is, they came first, the rest are secondary,” said one of the affected miners.

The small-scale miners have bemoaned lack of a clear roadmap on the selection of cooperatives to work from the slug dump.

They explained that in as much as the government have their own plans, they should understand where the small-scale miners are coming from because they have operated there long before the ban.


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