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BOWMAN Lusambo has dared the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to probe all members of Parliament with more than five properties each.

This follows the arrest of his wife, Nancy over the weekend, which he said was because people were scared of his presidential ambitions.

“There is need for the investigative wings like the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to consider probing all parliamentarians who have more than five properties each,” Mr Lusambo has said.

Mr Lusambo in an interview said that it was unfortunate that his wife, Nancy, was targeted and arrested for allegedly being in possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime worth US$378, 000.

According to the ACC, details are that on dates unknown but between   May 1, 2015 and December 2021 with other people unknown, Ms Lusambo bought properties namely HT: T3-CHN#248, property number HT: T3-B HN#249, property number HT: T4 A HN#282 and property number HT: T5-B HN#357 in Silverest Gardens in Chongwe.

But Mr Lusambo said it was clear that he was just being targeted because there was no way he could fail to acquire property worth S$378, 000 when parliamentarians from both the UPND and even PF had property worth much more.

“It’s a really big joke because my wife does not even have property in her name and if really US$378, 000 is a lot of money then ACC should also consider probing other MPs who have more property than I do,” he said.

Mr Lusambo said that he was not shaken by the ACC even targeting his wife because he expected such resistance in his quest to one day become president.

He said that the new dawn administration was just aimed at embarrassing him but that they would not succeed because he was a clean individual.

Mr Lusambo said people in the system had told him that the UPND were doing everything in their power to plot his downfall.


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