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KK warned Zambians against voting for HH – Kalaba


ZAMBIANS were warned by first President Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, against voting for President Hakainde Hichilema prior to his death as he was worried Mr Hichilema would make a bad leader who would divide the country, Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba, the leader of the Citizens First says Dr Kaunda had in fact foretold that President Hichilema was going to divide the country through tribalism and it therefore is not true that Zambia’s first President could have predicted the Hichilema presidency.  

During the commemoration of Dr Kaunda’s centenary birthday in Chinsali on Sunday, President Hichilema claimed that Zambia’s first President had predicted his presidency in 2005, a year before he joined politics following the death of Anderson Mazoka CLICK TO READ MORE


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