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…accuses HH, Mweetwa, Muchende, Sejani, Chief Mukuni, Nicholas Phiri of having been involved in keeping Fenula, Hatambo captive

…accuses HH, Mweetwa, Muchende, Sejani, Chief Mukuni, Nicholas Phiri of having been involved in keeping Fenula, Hatambo captive 

RACHEL Chileshe, a UPND member has made startling revelations that President Hakainde Hichilema, Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa, Marshal Muchende, the Solicitor General Ackson Sejani, the Local Government Service Commission chairperson and Chief Mukuni were allegedly behind the abduction of the Hatembos and not Edith Nawakwi who has been arrested for the offence.

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And Ms Chileshe has volunteered to be the witness in the case in which Ms Nawakwi, the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president has been charged and arrested for allegedly abducting Feluna and her husband Milton Hatembo.

Ms Chileshe has revealed that President Hichilema, while in opposition had sent her and her husband Katolo to Macha Chiefdom in Choma as emissaries to go parade Feluna and Milton Hatambo who were being held captive under the instructions of the head of State.

She is claiming that when she arrived in Choma on her way to Macha, she was met by Mr Mweetwa, Mr Sejani and Mr Muchende whose assignment was to travel to Macha and parade the Hatembos to clear suspicions that they had been kidnapped.

Ms Chileshe said the parading of the Hatembos whom she claimed were being haboured by Mr Sejani and Chief Mukuni was to clear the perception that they (Hatembos) had been abducted and kept captive at the instruction of President Hichilema She claimed President Hichilema at the time was worried that should the state have discovered that the Hatembos had in fact been abducted, the head of State was not going tp contest the presidency as he would have been arrested and convicted.

“President Hichilema, you know deep down your heart that it is not true that Edith Nawakwi abducted Feluna and Hatembo. You know that what you have done is wrong. You, President Hichilema, you called me and my husband to go to Macha and parade Feluna and Hatembo.”

“We travelled to Chama and found Cornelius (Mweetwa), Sejani (Ackson) and Muchende (Marshal) and it was Mr Sejani who was to lead the delegation to Macha where we were to parade the Hatembos in captive. President Hichilema at the time said we needed to parade the Hatembos who had been reported kidnapped to secure his slot on the ballot. 

On our way to Macha, we saw Cornelius (Mweetwa) and Sejani (Ackson) return. When my husband called to find out what was happening, Mr Sejani who was the delegation leader said just proceed,” Ms Chileshe narrated.

She narrated that she, with her husband and Nicholas Phiri and former Mazabuka Mayor proceeded to Macha where they successfully paraded the Hatembos at a police station.

Ms Chileshe explained that her team managed to show to Zambians that in fact the Hatembos were not kidnapped and returned to Lusaka to brief Mr Hichilema.

“After our mission to Macha, my husband advised Mr Hichilema to release the Hatembos from captivity but he strongly objected to the suggestion because he feared that if Government at the time knew their exact location, he (President Hichilema) would be arrested for abduction.”

“…and today, you should arrest Ms Nawakwi that she abducted Feluna and Hatembo. I was perplexed. 

Today it has turned around that it is Ms Nawakwi who abducted the Hatembos when they were being kept captive by Mr Sejani and Chief Mukuni. Those people (Hatembos) were with Sejani and you went on to award Mr Sejani, Mr Phiri and Mrs Mukuni with K500, 000 compensation. That is fraud and you are stealing from the people. You want to compensate yourself. You are defrauding Zambians,” Ms Chileshe said.”

“I was there when these things were happening and I will stand in court as a witness for Ms Nawakwi. Drop that case because I will be a witness for Ms Nawakwi. I am so disappointed and upset,” she said. 



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