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Esther Lungu Foundation donates borehole to Rufunsa community


The Esther Lungu Foundation Trust has donated a borehole to the people of Mukonka village in Rufunsa.

Rufunsa District Commissioner, Judith Chama confirmed the development when she handed over the borehole to the community yesterday.

She disclosed that the foundation undertook the project in partnership with the Muslim Social and Welfare Trust.

She was grateful to the foundation for helping to improve the welfare of the rural community.

She pointed out that the community was happy because the borehole would go long way in enhancing the provision of safe water.

She said that this was more beneficial for the Women of Mukonka who would no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water thereby uplifting their well-being.

She observed that such works of charity could not have come at a better time than this when the country was celebrating the life of the humanist founding President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda.

She said that Dr Kaunda will be remembered for the good things he did for the country and cited the promotion of free education which she said benefited a lot of people.

She stressed that Zambia was what it is today because of President Kaunda’s contribution to the welfare of the people and his name would forever remain in the history books.

Meanwhile, in an interview Rufunsa district Patriotic Front chairman, Emmanuel Tembo thanked the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust for the donation.

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