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Faulty pipe delays fuel tankers


A FAULTY pipe at TAZAMA has caused a traffic jam of fuel tankers in Lusaka’s heavy industrial area.

Oil Marketing Companies Association of Zambia president Dr Kafula Mubanga confirmed the development and explained that the  long queue of fuel tanker trucks which were parked along Buyantanshi was as a result of a pipe fault at TAZAMA offloading bay.

Several fuel tankers are stuck along Buyantashi, Mungwi  and other adjcent roads in the industrial area.

Dr Mubanga said that according to the information he collected, there was a problem with some pipes.

He however said that the situation has normalized and that trucks have started off loading fuel.

Several tanker trucks mainly foreign have for past days been parked along Buyantashi and nearby roads waiting to offload fuel at TAZAMA fuel depot, causing traffic congestion in the area.

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