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OPPOSITION political leaders contesting this year’s general elections are mortgaging Zambia by taking huge sums of money from foreign political agents, the Patriotic Front (PF) has charged.

Meanwhile, PF Lusaka Province chairperson, Kennedy Kamba has accused Fred M’membe of using his Socialist Party as a conduit to make money from his foreign sponsors.

In an interview, Mr Kamba said some political leaders have received money from their foreign friends and business partners on the understanding that if they ascend to power, they would be rewarded.

He said there was a lot of unexplained flow of money towards the Socialist Party and the UPND that could lead to the country being auctioned.

“We are aware that politicians are mortgaging this country to foreigners to attain power. It is sad to discover that opposition political leaders contesting this year’s general elections such as Fred M’membe and HH have gotten huge sums of money from foreign political agents and their friends on the understanding that they will win and in return reward them,” Mr Kamba said.

He said given chance, most of the desperate political party leaders were willing to sell Zambia to the highest bidder as long as they take over government.

“Most of these politicians you see in that political space, for them it is a matter of survival and enriching themselves and their families. They are getting money from abroad and they are using Zambia as collateral, as a bargaining chip,” he said.

Mr Kamba said Zambia was not for sale to the highest bidder and appealed to Zambians to reject selfish politicians.

He said Zambia was safe in the hands of the ruling PF that has demonstrated true patriotism.

He advised Zambians to be wary of what he termed “desperate politicians in the opposition who do not mean well for this country apart from pushing their narrow and selfish interests.”

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