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ABOUT K1 million from the National Roads Funds Agency (NRFA) will be spent on rehabilitating the bad patches on various roads in the Central Business District (CBD) of Kitwe and surrounding areas, District Commissioner Chileshe Bweupe has said.

He said the NRFA had released the funds collected from the Wilson Mofya Chakulya toll-gate to rehabilitate the bad patches of the CBD and in some townships.

The Wilson Chakulya toll gate is located on the Kitwe-Chingola Road.

Mr Bweupe, who was accompanied by Kitwe City Council Director of Engineering Services Victor Chawainga, was speaking when he toured the toll-gate.

He said his office and the local authority had engaged the NRFA to release the funds so that it could be used to rehabilitate Jambo Drive, Kuomboka Drive, Chiwala Road, Kantanta Road, Central Street and other roads which had bad patches

“We have this Wilson Mofya Chakulya toll gate where we think we should benefit from through funds to maintain the roads

“So, we engaged the NRFA to help us, with the funds from the toll-gate so that we can work on potholes and other bad patches. We were given K1 million to work on the potholes on various roads which would include Jambo Drive, Kuomboka Drive, Chiwala Road, Kantanta Road and Central Street,’’ Mr Bweupe said

And Mr Chawainga said the patching up of potholes in various roads was expected to take one month

Mr Chawainga said that the works being done on potholes was of high quality and would last long hence motorists and members of the public should not question the works.

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