Lungu warning on violence welcomed


Indication by President Edgar Lungu that he may be compelled to invoke his constitutional powers to curb esclating acts of political violence in the country is a  step in the right direction, the Zambian DNA has said.

DNA president, Spuki Mulemwa said his organization is elated by the Head of State warning that he  might be forced to act because the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the police have failed to halt the political violence and destruction by cadres.

He said in a statement that what Zambians want is for peace before, during and after the August 12 elections.

And Mr. Mulemwa said there is need for relevant authorities to take a fresh look at the Road shows as they have become a source of many conflicts including political violence and destruction of property in many parts of the country.

He said the road shows are attracting many people, many of whom don’t observe Covid-19 guidelines such as masking up.

“We have also noted with dismay how the road shows  are attracting many people, many of whom don’t even mask up and don’t observe social distancing making them  not different from the public rallies,” he said. 

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