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By KETRA KALUNGA In Kapiri Mposhi

Vice President, Inonge Wina has urged Patriotic Front (PF) party leaders in Kapiri Mposhi to take advantage of the huge population to maximise votes for the party and its Presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu.

Ms. Wina said the party leadership  have a critical role to play of ensuring that they maximize on the huge population of Kapiri to mobilise votes for the PF in the August 12 general elections.

She said for this to happen, party organs in the district must work together and embrace new comers in order to win the elections.

“Bring results to the table. You have a bigger role to play in this election because the population of Kapiri is huge, we need this population to vote for President Edgar Lungu and the PF candidates,” she said.

The Vice President said this in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday when she held a meeting with PF party officials.

Ms. Wina urged the party leadership to ensure that  Kapiri Mposhi delivers a PF Member of Parliament (MP).

She said for the past five years, the district has lagged behind in terms of development because the former UPND MP refused to work with the government.

Ms. Wina said the PF wouldn’t want the scenario to happen once again in the August 12 elections.

“Kapiri was not represented for five years in parliament, the former MP was not interacting with the government to solicit for support to implement projects so the district remained behind,” she said.

And PF district chairperson, Winnie Mkandawire said the party leadership would be using a newly devised campaign tool to maximize votes for President Lungu and all party candidates.

Mr. Mkandawire said the party organs would ensure that it leaves no stone unturned during the campaigns to ensure that the PF emerges victorious in the district.

“Learning from the painful loss in 2016 which had affected development in Kapiri, we have done our homework,” he said.

MP warns against misinformation


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OME opposition politicians have no message for Zambians and have resorted to misleading Zambians that the high prices of essential commodities have been caused by President Edgar Lungu and his government ,’’ Patriotic Front (PF) Kantanshi parliamentary candidate Anthony Mumba has said.

Mr Mumba said the increasing prices of essential commodities have not been caused by President Lungu, but by various global factors among them the surging cases of COVID 19 which has adversely affected big and small economies globally.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Mumba said it was cheap politicking for the opposition politicians to blame President Lungu for the increasing prices of essential commodities and promise to address the problem if they formed government despite knowing that they had no capacity to address the problem.

“The issue of Covid-19 is real and it has adversely affected big and small economies globally leading to escalating prices of essential commodities, but despite knowing this fact, the opposition are accusing President Lungu of having caused the escalating prices of essential commodities.

Mr Mumba said Zambians must not listen to cheap political rhetoric from some opposition politicians but should continue to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines on Covid-19 and be prepared for economic hard times in the midst of the pandemic.

He said Zambia, like any other country in the global village, was likely to face harsh economic times due to Covid-19 because a number of countries where Zambia was dependent for various goods like South Africa were also affected by the pandemic which has left various economies devastated .

He said with the effects of the surging Covid-19 cases,  there was a likelihood that borders could be closed to try and contain the pandemic which was threatening the World economy and  human life.

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