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Dr. Chilufya bemoans the collapsed health system

Dear Editor,

THE former Minister of Health and Mansa Central Member of Parliament, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya recently bemoaned the collapsed health system in Zambia.

This can be evidenced by the shortage of drugs and reagents in the health facilities across the country.

The former Minister of Health said that it is unfortunate that people cannot access medicines from clinics and hospitals which has resulted in the patients being given prescriptions to buy their own medicines.

Despite the new dawn administration insisting that the hospitals are well stocked with drugs, the reality is that there is a shortage of drugs in the health facilities. That said, Dr. Chilufya’s bemoaning of the collapsed health system is justifiable.

Dr. Chilufya reminded his successor, Ms Sylvia Masebo, that despite the government increasing expenditure on drugs last year and this year, there haven’t been a return arising from such an investment.

He said the investment in drugs should translate into availability of medicines in the shelves and a reduction in deaths.

Dr. Chilufya emphasised the need to revive the collapsed supply chain which has culminated in the collapsed health system in the country.

However, he has called on the government through the relevant authorities to start manufacturing drugs locally. He said this is the only way the country can become drug secure. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of deaths arising from the shortage of drugs in the health facilities.

Dr, Chilufya performed well when he served as the Minister of Health under the Patriotic Front government. The supply chain was effective and there was no shortage of drugs in the hospitals. People were able to access medicines and other health services. These are part of the many achievements the former minister scored.

On infrastructure, Dr. Chilufya said that he was happy with Ms Masebo that the later emphasised the need to complete the infrastructure which was started by the previous government.

Dr. Chilufya together with his dedicated team introduced the health reforms in a bid to ensure quality health delivery to the people. These health reforms benefitted people so much under the previous government.



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