THE Armageddon being perpetrated by UPND in Southern Province should be stopped before it spreads to other areas, Chief Mweniwisi of Mafinga has said.

Chief Mweniwisi said reports of UPND members attacking PF members in their perceived strongholds are unfortunate.

Chief Mweniwisi said it was important for politicians to understand and tolerate one another regardless of their political affiliation.

“Reports of attacks on PF members in Southern Province and other UPND strongholds are very unfortunate and should be stopped immediately,” he said.

Chief Mweniwisi said the violence being perpetrated by UPND in their strongholds should be halted because it has potential to degenerate into genocide if not curtailed.

He said it was important for the traditional leadership in the area to talk to their subjects and sensitise them to exercise tolerance toward one another.

“We are One Zambia, One Nation, these elections come and go and should not be allowed to divide us,” Chief Mweniwisi said.

The traditional leader has challenged political leaders to counsel their members on the need to be peaceful in their campaigns.

“This Armageddon being tolerated in Southern Province will be very difficult to quench once it spreads to other parts of the country, therefore it is important that it is stopped now,” Chief Mweniwisi said.

He said the traditional leadership in the area should demonstrate leadership and ensure that the Armageddon is stopped.

PF members in UPND strongholds are living in fear following spikes of attacks by UPND.


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