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UPND dispels Tayali claims


THE UPND has dispelled propaganda claims by Economic and Equity Party president Chilufya Tayali that the party is mobilising people to protest over the construction of FJT University.

UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said his party did not pay or entice any surrogates to protest over the unfinished FJT University as stated by Mr Tayali.

Mr Mweetwa said the protests were a result of the discontent by the people who felt betrayed after the suspected theft of US$33m.

He said it was shocking that people like Mr Chilufya Tayali were claiming that the UPND were the ones fanning the trouble by sponsoring some groups to protest.

“People like Tayali are just surrogates of the PF because as far as we are concerned we have not had any hand in the alleged mobilising and even spreading of propaganda,” Mr Mweetwa said.

Meanwhile, Luapula Police deputy commissioner Daniel Mseteka said the police had given a greenlight to three institutions that had written to conduct a peaceful protest over the construction of FJT University.

Mr Mseteka in an interview said they had given the permit to three organisations comprising the Luapula Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Care for Nature and Vision Network Foundation. Mr Mseteka said they would carry out their protest today. The three organisations notified the police about their intention to protest over the delayed construction of the FTJ Chiluba University.

According to a letter dated May 9, 2022, the three organisations want to protest today at the provincial administration to hand over the protest letter to the Luapula Province Minister, Mr Derricky Chilundika.


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