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They have no burden of responsibility thus they can do and advocate for anything

Dear Editor,

UNLIKE all these other political parties, it’s only the Patriotic Front which is answerable to the people of Zambia, it is only the PF that shoulders the task and responsibility to provide leadership, care and vision for the people of Zambia.

When anything goes wrong in this country it is the PF and not the opposition that people hold to account. The opposition bears no responsibility for anything, they are neither answerable nor accountable to the people of Zambia hence they can say or do anything because they bear no public responsibility whatsoever.

This is why today, abena Hakainde Sammy Hichilema who not too long ago were in self-imposed quarantine for months in his house; a man who not so long ago was calling for a total lockdown, a man who now wears Michael Jackson-type gloves for fear of being infected with Covid-19 can today be standing at the mountain top callings for Government to allow super-spreader events such as public rallies even when he knows the devastating social and economic effects of such a reckless move because to knows that whatever will go wrong, people won’t blame him, they won’t hold him to account, they will hold President Lungu and the PF to account.

But President Lungu and the Patriotic Front have no such luxury of recklessness because they are answerable to the public. Whatever goes wrong, will be blamed on the President and the PF so we are duty bound to make hard and painful decisions for the sake of the lives, health and well-being of the people.

This is why the President has called upon all the relevant authorities to ensure that everyone adheres to the laid down Covid-19 regulations as prescribed in Statutory Instruments Number 21 and Number 22 because we have a solemn duty to protect the Zambian people from a further spread of the pandemic.

According to the latest figures, Zambia has become part of the top six countries with the highest rate of Covid-19 new cases being recorded, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary – Technical Services, Dr. Kennedy Malama has said.

On Tuesday, 558 new cases were recorded, representing a positivity rate of 6.9 the highest number recorded in over two months since the country came out of the second wave.

Dr. Malama warned that from epidemiological reviews it is clear that the situation is worsening daily and the coming few weeks will be critical.

 “Our hope lies in the fact that working together as a people we can change the landscape of Covid-19 in the country and avert the much dreaded health and socio-economic disruptions we saw during the first and second waves and even worse.” he said.

Dr. Malama has also reiterated the call for Zambians to take all necessary measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 by adhering to the stipulated prevention guidelines.

We have 151 radio stations, 45 TV stations; we have plenty of social media platforms and we have many other means of campaigns such as door-to-door etc etc and to claim that one lost the elections because he did not hold a rally simply does not add up.


PF Media Director.

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