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ZAMBIA’S fourth republican president, Dr Frederick Chiluba has been described as a champion of multi-party politics, to which he had dedicated his life at a memorial to mark 10 years since his death.

A day after the death of Zambia’s founding father, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Vice President Inonge Wina led some government officials and dignitaries to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dr. Chiluba’s death on June 18 in 2011. 

The memorial held at the Presidential Burial Site, the National Monument Embassy Park in Lusaka attracted former vice presidents  Dr. Nevers Mumba, Mr Enock Kavindele, ambassadors, children and grandchildren of the second republican president.

Ms. Wina, who was representing President Edgar Lungu described Dr. Chiluba as a champion of Zambia’s return to multi-party politics.

Ms Wina said Dr. Chiluba, dedicated his life to changing the political landscape of this country, from a one-party state to multiparty.

Ms Wina said Dr. Chiluba believed that there would be no meaningful development of the country without the free participation of every citizen.

“Today, we are enjoying the fruits of his visionary leadership. The liberalisation of the economy has brought numerous benefits to the nation and our people.

“Today, a number of local and foreign companies are participating in our economy. This is a result of the progressive policies that president Chiluba and his government spearheaded,” said Ms. Wina.

Ms Wina said Dr. Chiluba’s success stories In the transport sector has made it possible for Zambians to travel to South Africa, Botswana,  Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, using buses owned by Zambians.

“Dr. Chiluba was, indeed, a great son of this country who demonstrated a unique drive for success. His pursuit for an all-inclusive democratic dispensation did not start with politics but from his time as a trade unionist.

Meanwhile, earlier Apostle Dr. Daniel Mvula Shimunza called on government to ensure that justice prevailed over the Chiluba family who were stripped of their property.

Apostle Shimunza said that it was great injustice that Dr. Chiluba’s children have continued to suffer as government continued to hold on to their properties ten years after the death of their father who was acquitted.

And chairperson of Dr. Chiluba’s Memorial Organising Committee Yotam Chikamba hailed Government for recognising Dr. Chiluba’s contribution to the development of  Zambia.

Mr. Chikamba who took advantage of the memorial to launch the book titled GRAVE INJUSTICE in memory of Dr Chiluba, urged government to restore Dr Chiluba’s immunity for the family to be able to reclaim what they lost when Dr Chiluba was being tried and tested by the Zambian courts which acquitted him in August 2009.

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