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WUSAKILE PF candidate challenges UPND


THE UPND must tell Zambians what solutions do they have to the increasing prices of essential commodities instead of promising Zambians ‘Heaven on Earth’ when they have no capacity even to effec- tively run an urban con- stituency,” Patriotic Front (PF) Wusakile constituency candidate Pavyuma Kalobo has said.

Mr Kalobo said the in- creasing prices of essential commodities was not only being experienced in Zambia but in many other countries because it has been caused by some global factors among them Covid 19 and sky-rocketing dollar.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Kalobo said Zambia, like any other country was going through economic challenges not because of political leadership but because of various global factors.

“The problem with some opposition politicians is that they are pursuing politicians with personal hatred and bitterness. They want to form government at any cost, but in such cases, when things don’t work the way you want them, you get frustrated so much.

Mr Kalobo said opposition politicians must be honest and truthful to the Zambians by telling them that the COVID 19 has adversely affected big and small economies in the World instead of accusing the Patriotic Front (PF) government of having misman- aged the economy.

“Because they want to form government at any cost, they have decided to use any unfortunate incident to gain political mileage. The issue of increasing essential commodities is a global problem and should not be used to fight the PF and President Edgar Lungu,” Mr Kalobo said.

He said, because some opposition politicians have nothing better to tell Zam- bians, they have decided to mislead Zambians that the economic shocks the country was facing was due to the mismanagement of the economy by the govern- ment.

He said the opposition were hoping that if they tell Zambians lies about the PF and President Edgar Lungu, then they will incite them against the government.

He said the opposition politicians especially those from UPND have embarked on a well-calculated propa- ganda, falsehoods and mal- ice to create an impression that the PF was not a caring government.

“But such kind of desperation rarely works, and in certain cases, it may backfire because the PF under the leadership of President Lungu is innocent and quietly trying to resolve some of the challenges the country is facing in the midst of Covid-19.


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