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MULENGA Sata has dispelled rumours that he has ditched the Patriotic Front to join the Democratic Party.

Mr Sata in an interview said he was still a PF member and that he had no plans to join Harry Kalaba’s DP

He said he recently took a photo with Mr Kalaba and people took it out of contest thinking he had joined the DP.

Mr Sata that he had known Mr Kalaba for a long time even before the two joined politics and that they were just enjoying a brotherly chat when the picture was taken.

“Harry is like my young brother who I’m fond of and that we were just having some time to relax and catch up on certain things not that I wanted to join his party,” Mr Sata said.

He said gone were the days when people from opposing camps could not share and exchange notes freely.

Mr Sata said he has friends in the UPND but that did not make him a part of that party.

“I have friends like Garry Nkombo in the UPND who I have taken photos with but that does not say that I want to join them.  It’s just that they are my friends at a personal level but we differ on principle in politics,” he said.

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