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CISCA IS ‘HYPOCRITICAL’ – To demand the arrest of Kambwili over alleged tribal talk while maintaining a deafening silence over Buumba Malambo’s clear tribal ranting, says Lemmy Bwalya


IT is highly hypocritical for the Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCAs, a PF official, Lemmy Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said whereas Mr Kambwili only pointed out tribal elements within the UPND, Ms Malambo, the UPND candidate in the Kafue council chairperson polls was clearly tribal when she encouraged Tongas to vote for a fellow Tonga.

Mr Bwalya said in an interview that this was the tribal sentiments that Mr Kambwili was lamenting about and that he was indeed a victim and not perpetrator.

He said CiSCA was being hypocritical because it was only looking at faults among PF officials while ignoring damages being caused by the UPND.

He said “biasness” within the civil society organisation was blinding it against the wrongs being perpetrated by UPND officials.

Mr Bwalya said a reasonable and fair anti-tribal organisation would have started by condemning and calling for the arrest of Ms Malambo before rushing for Mr Kambwili.

“Buumba Malambo’s remarks are clearly tribal and must be condemned by all Zambians and organisations. If there is anyone who deserves real bashing, it is Buumba Malambo. So, we find it highly hypocritical for CiSCA to call for arrest of Mr Kambwili and not saying anything about Ms Malambo’s tribal talk,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said CiSCA should instead call for the arrest of Ms Malambo if it was a credible organisation ready to fight tribalism in Zambia. He said CiSCA was throwing punches in the wrong direction by calling for the arrest of Mr Kambwili because the real culprit was Ms Malambo

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