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BY Noel Iyombwa

THE roll out of the covid19 vaccinations continued yesterday in a chaotic situation with some listed centres failing to open up where more centres did not start operations until nearly mid day.

A Daily Nation team visited vaccination centres and from as early 06:00 hours, expectant residents had queued.

And Lusaka residents have appealed to the ministry of Health to sort out the confusion in vaccination centres so that people do not lose interest or give up on the programme.

Some residents found at Mambilima complained that even on Friday they were made to wait for nothing because no one showed up.

However, at Mambilima School, residents hoping to get the vaccination jabs were disappointed as there were no health workers dispite the school being listed by Ministry of Health as one of the centres catering for Matero constituency.

Not only did the health workers not show up by 10:00 hours, but there was also no one to  direct the hopeful residents what to do.

Most opted to move to Muchinga School, some five kilometers away in Zingalume.

The ministry of Health is yet to reply to queries.

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